Retention Campaign Objective:

Retention is a KPI for any financial institution. Combine good manners marketing (thank you for doing business with us) with next product potential to prevent loss of high depositors and top 10% members.


At this $100 million institution, the top 10% of clients hold 60% of deposits and make up 404% of institutional profit. Understanding that the deposit/loan pendulum eventually would swing the offer way, they wanted to proactively attract and retain quality low-cost funds from these loyal clients.


A MARQUIS analyst set up a monthly program designed to combine a methodical approach with good manners marketing, taking advantage of an existing loyalty program rewards program.

Every other month, milestone anniversary and top 10% clients were identified. They were then mailed two consecutive pieces:

  • 1st version: congratulations, happy anniversary, you’ve earned points/rewards; how to use them
  • 2nd version: reminder, you have earned ‘x’ points/rewards; here’s how to use them


The direct ROI was 3202%, and the response rate was 8.16%. With marketing costs of only $784, the institution gained direct balances of $1.4 million in a year.

The key take away from this campaign is simple: pick a key behavior (or trigger), create a compelling message, and consistently execute. This strategy can be applied to many facets of your business to create predictable and continuous growth.

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