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ExecuTrax SQL
Version 11.10.9570 - 01/30/2022

We are pleased to release our newest ExecuTrax SQL upgrade, version 11.10.9570 (File size: 69.1 Mb). Please review the upgrade instructions and notes below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This upgrade must be processed on the server where ExecuTrax resides. It is important that all instances of ExecuTrax and DataPro be closed down prior to processing this upgrade. This upgrade may make structural changes to your databases. Please allow extra time for it complete.

Upgrade Procedures

  • Ensure that you are downloading and processing this upgrade on the ExecuTrax server.
  • Download the upgrade by selecting the Download button.
  • Place the upgrade executable in an easy-to-remember location on the server.
  • Ensure that all users are out of ExecuTrax and DataPro.
  • If you run DataPro as a Service you will need to go into your Services and stop DataPro.
  • If you use our EXCRM you will need to go into Internet Information Services (IIS) and stop it.
  • Double-click the executable (This may take a few seconds to load so please be patient).
  • Once the Welcome Menu opens select Next when ready to proceed.
  • Verify the path information and select Next.
  • Confirm you are ready to proceed and select Process.
  • Please wait while the upgrade updates your ExecuTrax system.
  • Once the upgrade process is complete, please review the results.
  • Select Exit when completed.
  • After running the ExecuTrax upgrade, you may now Activate DataPro or start your DataPro Service and start your IIS then log back into ExecuTrax.

ExecuTrax Upgrade Documentation

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If any questions or challenges are encountered, please do not hesitate to contact Marquis Support.

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