DocuMatix On Demand

We worked closely with clients and set out to design a product that removes the typical issues that financial institutions run into when attempting to automate triggered messages. DocuMatix On Demand is the result of those efforts and is a complete trigger-based email marketing solution that allows you to trigger email and text messages from your core systems.

Triggered Communications:

There are two primary methods available to allow for the automation of triggered communications.

First, for those that want to get up and running quickly you can deploy an optional Windows Service that virtually eliminates the programming efforts typically found in integrating with third parties.

Second, for those that are very technical and have the time and resources, an XML based Web Service solution is available to you.

Decision Tree:

The Decision Tree is a system that allows you to design multiple targeted emails that correspond to different demographics under one umbrella campaign. This multi-tiered approach to member/customer communication ensures that you are reaching out to subscribers in a timely manner and continuing the relationship based on personalized data and offers they qualify for.

The Decision Tree lets you create and prioritize your marketing offers, then market those offers to members/customers based on products that they already have or don’t have. Additionally, the Decision Tree can be configured to market offers using almost any core data you have collected such as age, gender or credit scores. That way, each subscriber receives a highly targeted and personalized email.