DocuMatix Product Suite

Used to be you had to work with multiple vendors to get everything you needed to provide effective online communication with your members. Thankfully, those days are gone.

With the DocuMatix Product Suite, you don’t just get everything you need to provide effective online communication, you get it all in one place. Email management, electronic forms & registration, personalized URLs — it’s all easily accessed through one simple, user-friendly interface.

DocuMatix Email Manager

The DocuMatix Email Manager is the cornerstone of our DocuMatix Product Suite. From branded emails to a personal graphics library to an anti-spam content checker, our DocuMatix Email Manager is packed with useful tools and features — no HTML required.

Basic Features:

  • Branded emails sent from your domain.
  • State-of-the-art drag-and-drop editor allowing unlimited designs.
  • Copy/Paste your own HTML.
  • Create personal templates, or select from DocuMatix pre-designed layouts and templates.
  • Personalized opt-out message and branding.
  • Global campaign links.
  • Personal Graphics Library
  • Over 200 professional, licensed images.
  • Social Media share and follow capability.
  • Send sample emails any time to an individual, or to a custom approval list.
  • Robust Email Management console including folder creations and search capability.
  • Integrates with an MCIF.
  • Schedule campaigns and launch at once, or stagger over a period of time.

Advanced Features:

  • 100% of all emails created with our email editor are mobile optimized.
  • Import graphics from an upload, URL, your personal library, DocuMatix library, or even from popular cloud and social media sites.
  • Trigger birthday and anniversay emails monthly/yearly from a single upload.
  • Create a Marketing Path™ for on-boarding that will trigger emails based on date, or even the behavior of the email recipient.
  • Integrate the Marketing Path™ and Surveys to increase your overall survey response.
  • Advanced image editor (crop, re-size, enhance with effects, and even add text to images).
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Email client preview allows you to see what your email will look like on major email clients and mobile devices.

List Management and Reporting:

  • Automatic purge of corrupt and duplicate emails.
  • Automatic management of bounceback emails to include an enhanced undeliverable management system that categorizes reasons as to why an email was undeliverable (mailbox full, over quota, unknown domain, etc.).
  • Automatic management of opt-outs for CAN-SPAM compliance.
  • Include custom fields for advanced reporting (unique identifiers, household numbers).
  • Download data in real-time via CSV or MS Excel.
  • Real-time reporting of various events (opens, click-throughs, total responses, social statistics, etc.).


  • The DocuMatix Spam Content Check tests your email against more than 1,200 individual tests that major ISPs look for when flagging an email as spam.
  • Whitelist status on major ISPs.
  • Member of ReturnPath SafeList and SuretyMail.


  • Full DNS Branding (Email From and Links).
  • DocuMatix Anti-Phishing Field.
  • Optional DocuMatix Email Key that allows a call center to validate emails.

Mobile Access:

  • Download the DocuMatix Product Suite iPad/iPhone mobile application in the App Store for mobile reporting and additional capabilities.


With DocuMatix Surveys you can customize, build, and conduct surveys using a powerful wizard-based tool that guides you step by step through the process. Surveys can then be published on a website or included in an email.

Basic Features

  • Customize colors, logo, graphics, questions, etc.
  • Support for 16 different question types
  • Real-time reporting engine (raw data, standard summary, cross-tab).
  • Filter responses using From/To date and by type of response (website, email, or both) for each report type.
  • Expire surveys by specific date or by number of responses.
  • Advanced drag-and-drop environment.
  • Publish survey as a website survey via SSL or Non-SSL link.
  • When linked from the DocuMatix Email Manager, you may choose to allow responses to be tracked or remain anonymous.
  • Skip-logic questions (Radio or DropDown).

Advanced Features

  • Integrate surveys with the DocuMatix Email Manager and the Marketing Path™ to increase the overall survey response over a period of time.

Web Forms

As an integral part of the DocuMatix Product Suite, this module helps you create Secure Web Forms to use on your website. Features include Opt In/Permission Forms to gather new email addresses, loan applications, seminars, contests, and giveaways – virtually anything you would like to gather data on. Notably, it also has sophisticated revision control built right in, so you don’t have to worry about compromising data.

Basic Features

  • Customize colors, logo, graphics, questions, etc.
  • Questions can be made required or optional.
  • Support for field validation (alpha, numeric, etc) within contact information.
  • Nine different question types as well as contact information.
  • Support for up to 5 pages (at 25 questions per page) within a single Secure Web Form.
  • An intuitive drag-and-drop environment.
  • Built-in revision control to protect and preserve data.
  • Ability to create autoresponder emails.
  • Notify an email address when data has been submitted to the form.
  • Real-time reporting engine.
  • Add to your existing website via a link or an iframe.
  • All forms are served up over 2048-Bit SSL Connection.

Advanced Features

  • Replace paper brochures in your branch with a triggered email solution by integrating Secure Web Forms with the DocuMatix Email Manager.
  • Integrate Secure Web Forms with the DocuMatix Email Manager to trigger an email or Marketing Path™.
  • Integrate Secure Web Forms with the DocuMatix Email Manager to allow a call center representative to trigger emails in real-time.
  • Integrate Secure Web Forms with the DocuMatix Email Manager to create an automated Refer-A-Friend campaign.

Event Registrations

The Event Registrations module allows for full registration management of your financial seminars and other workshop events. Consumers can register online for specific sessions of your events and receive automatic reminders prior to the event. You can even set specific notifications for each event, such as how many seats are remaining or when the event is full.

Customize and build your Event Registrations using this powerful module. After defining your event, DocuMatix provides you all of the HTML code necessary to integrate it within your website.

Basic Features

  • Powerful customization tools allow you to create a unique, professional event registration form.
  • Both the Event Calendar (public and private) and individual event registration forms can be easily integrated with your web site.
  • Automatic notifications to remind registrants prior to event.
  • Notifications for representatives, indicating when “x” seats remain or “x” seats are filled.
  • Events can be integrated and announced via email utilizing the DocuMatix Email Manager.
  • Real-time reporting to view registrants that registered, cancelled, wanted an email reminder, wanted a telephone reminder, etc.

Advanced Features

  • Integrate with Secure Web Forms to capture registrant information for those that wanted to register for an event that was filled up.
  • Utilize the iPhone/iPad application to view reports and check-in registrants when they arrive at the event.

Web Polls

Create and conduct web poll surveys to learn more about your subscribers. Using this intuitive, wizard-based tool, you can configure web polls to dynamically show different messages to a subscriber based on their response. After creating your web poll, we will give you all the HTML code necessary to integrate it within your website.

Basic Features

  • Customization allows you to create a unique, professional web poll.
  • Results can be viewed in a bar chart or a pie chart.
  • Easily integrate the web poll with your website.
  • Generate on-screen messages based on how someone casts their vote.
  • Consumers can view how others have voted.
  • Determine whether to show web poll results or an optional “thank you” message.

Advanced Features

  • Integrate a published web poll into the DocuMatix Email Manager to allow for polls within your email campaigns.

Personalized URLs

With the DocuMatix Personalized URLs (PURLs) module, you can take personalization in your marketing campaigns to a whole new level. PURLs can compliment your direct mail or email marketing campaigns by adding custom landing pages personalized with each subscriber’s name.

To make your PURLs even more powerful, we also give you the ability to integrate additional content into your landing page using the other modules within the DocuMatix Product Suite (Event Registrations, Surveys, Secure Web Forms, Web Polls, Digital Document Rack, and the DocuMatix Email Manager).

Basic Features

  • Personalized landing page(s) (i.e.
  • Include variable content via merge fields.
  • Drive traffic to the PURLs via email (with the DocuMatix Email Manager) and/or your direct mail campaign to get even better results.
  • Real-time tracking of marketing statistics such as views and clickthroughs.
  • Allow landing pages to expire by date, then redirect to a URL, or display a message on-screen.
  • Complete integration with other modules within the DocuMatix Product Suite.

Document Rack

The Digital Document Rack is an online storage space built to house PDF documents. Instead of sending bulky attachments in emails, you can simply use your Digital Document Rack to allow subscribers to easily download documents on demand from an email or from your existing website.

Basic Features

  • Co-branding and customization allows your Digital Document Rack to reflect the look of your website.
  • Upload PDF documents to the Digital Document Rack with title and description of document.
  • Link to the full Digital Document Rack from your website, or to a direct document from an email campaign.
  • Arrange the order of the PDF documents using a drag-and-drop environment.
  • Identify a document to be displayed in the Digital Document Rack or simply have DocuMatix host the document for a link within an email campaign.

Advanced Features

  • Integrate your Document Rack with our Secure Web Forms and DocuMatix Email Manager to save money by replacing your printed brochures with free digital versions.
  • Use in concert with our Secure Web Forms and DocuMatix Email Manager to enable a call center representative to email your brochure to consumers.