ExecuTrax delivers on the promise of “Big Data.”

Imagine automated account data collection, segmentation and behavioral analysis, built-in direct marketing fulfillment, comprehensive reporting and tracking and more.  Every day. Completely automated.

A day with data. Everyday, there are countless opportunities to grow your business … if you’re looking. ExecuTrax makes it easy to spot and act on opportunities everyday. Here’s an example.

Top 4 benefits of the ExecuTrax system.

Power users have spoken. Here are the top 4 reasons why ExecuTrax is the financial industry’s leading data analytics and marketing action solution.


ExecuTrax comes loaded with these included features and benefits.

Use this list to compare to your current vendor. ALL OF THESE FEATURES are INCLUDED in the price of the system. THERE ARE NO HIDDEN FEES.

Feature Benefit
System and Data
Automated daily updates Business moves too fast to accept only a monthly updated data set. With MARQUIS, your data will be updated every day giving you instant access to information.
Annual Support and Maintenance Fee included in first year Our pricing plan simply means there are no surprises after your purchase.
SSAE 16 SOC 2 type 2 compliant As a business founded as a compliance company, MARQUIS is rock solid in terms of data security. This report is available upon request.
Nation-Wide Census Demographics We offer a wide range of appended demographics to give you a more complete picture of your client’s life outside of your institution.
Data Cleansing, CASS certification before householding Our compliance grade data hygiene process means better control over your data.
Unlimited ancillary systems can be merged or added later Whether it be credit card, mortgage, investment, insurance, or sales and service information, our system is designed to accept data input based directly on your business needs.
Number of organization levels available ( i.e., bank, branch, officer) Customize your data set by holding company, ranch, and/or officer. This means greater tracking capability.
Integrated Interface that allows instant access to add or change fields Included as a standard option, this feature allows you to customize your CRM solutions around your specific needs.
Ability to add or merge additional institutions or acquisitions at a later date Included as a standard option, this feature gives your institution the flexibility to grow without worrying about additional software costs.
Reset system due to core processor change This feature is included as a standard option. You never have to worry about ancillary costs during a court conversion with the MARQUIS CRM system.
Executive dashboards We customize the use depending upon the needs of each individual user.
CRM platform for 360 degrees of information sharing to front-line staff Arming your frontline CRM data is a powerful way to increase profitability. Our system provides this capability at no additional cost.
Outlook connectivity for email and scheduling Integrated into your existing tools at no additional cost.
Instant referral and automated incentive tracking If you are moving toward a sales culture, our add-on tools will give you the ability to track and report individual performance.
Multiple security levels Grant security levels based on who needs access to youfr specific data.
Customized multiple client profiles You can get combined retail, commercial, and trust account information in a single view.
CRM platform and integrated MCIF are updated daily from the core processor Data is automatically transferred from your core to your CRM platform.
Unlimited seats Because our tools are browser-based, you have unlimited seats. This saves you money and allows you to deploy the data across your organization without having to worry about cost.
Automated teller screen pop-up with client information and suggestions Gives your client service representatives instant access to sales messages through our exclusive teller screen pop-up.
Householding preferences can be customized Householding definitions are completely customizable based on your business goals.
Profitability module is included and can be customized and upgraded at anytime This feature is included as a standard option. Your institution has the ability to effectively tailor your data to maximize the relationship between profit and marketing efforts.
Funds Transfer pricing and margin allocation options Funds transfer pricing and margin allocation are options within the system and are included at no additional cost.
Profitability is at the account level and establishes break-even points You can take your marketing analytics to the next level by establishing break-even points across the multitude of key performance indicators.
Can import stand-alone profitability system values If your profitability system resides outside of the CRM system, it can be imported into the MARQUIS CRM system. This means finance and marketing share the same data and speak the same language.
Predictive Modeling for ” Next Likely Product” Incorporated in the MARQUIS CRM system is an advanced algorythm which predicts specific products an individual or household is likely to purchase based on recency, frequency, and monetary transaction information.
“Point and click” query builder All interfaces give you simple and clean access in order to create complex filters and queries quickly.
Can append prospect, P$ycle and or demographic files without sending to vendor You can enhance your existing data, plus you can easily import prospect lists which allow you to effectively track conversions. All this is accomplished without outsourcing your database to another vendor.
MCIF tools are available to use on Prospect lists The same set of tools available to analyze your customer base are available to analyze prospect marketing activity. This is included in the cost of the MARQUIS CRM system.
ODB (Open Data Base) MS Office Compliant, can export to Access, Word, Excel The MARQUIS system is designed as an open database, allowing you to export exactly what you need in a variety of formats.
Can filter at individual or household level Depending on your strategy, you can choose either household- or account-level details. This allows you to see activity on an individual level as well as a household level.
Can filter on services Included in the marking system is the ability to filter on specific services such as home banking, remote deposit capture, mobile banking, etc.
Pre-assign reports to run automatically and distribute as PDF A true time-saver, this capability gives you the ability to automatically generate and send PDF-based reports to specific individuals or teams on your staff. Finally, you can share the data without having to spend hours preparing it.
“What If” product repricing tool If your institution is looking at introducing a new product, or altering pricing, this included feature allows for quick and easy understanding of the bottom-line implications of pricing changes.
Integrated Mapping module If you’re looking to geo-target your customers or prospects, our mapping module makes this task easy.
Campaign Mgt. worksheet with break-even calculation and forecast ROI Marketing is all about proving results. Our comprehensive campaign management tools elevate your ability to improve the results of marketing.
Matrix module – dynamic decision tree or preset pattern For the advanced marketer looking to target-base behavior, our matrix modules are designed to interact with the client based on daily behavior. This translates into increased results.
Daily credit triggers are available and can be saved to system for marketing Based on a series of complex business rules, this included marketing module (called TriggerPro) gives you the capability to market to your clients on a daily basis based on real-time behavior. When working with our creative team, your marketing results will skyrocket.
Daily trigger events by account can be created, tracked and exported If you choose to market daily, you will want to track your results daily. Our system makes this easy and it is included as part of the standard purchase.
Initial Training Two days of training at your office are included as part of our standard CRM pricing.
Additional training Training at our corporate office is offered at various levels of expertise and is included free with the purchase of our CRM system.
MCIF Implementation Consulting An expert analysis of your data, complete with recommendations, is included free with your purchase.
Direct Marketing Consulting Included free with your purchase, MARQUIS will send a seasoned consultant to visit your office and report to your senior staff where you should be going to maximize your results.
CRM Implementation Consulting 10 hours of best-practices consultation from an industry expert is included with your purchase.
CRM Onsite Training Once your system is live, our industry expert will visit your office to ensure the system is complete and your staff is trained.
Annual Marketing Conference A bonus that is always a favorite with hundreds of our clients, the cost of the annual MARQUIS marketing conference is included with your purchase.
User Groups We offer nationwide online and in-person regional meetings to share ideas among current MARQUIS CRM users.
Support There is never a cost to ask questions; if fact, we welcome your questions. Our Support staff is available during extended business hours.



We are excited to have you as a client and are so confident in the ExecuTrax system that we guarantee its performance. Our sales team will give you the details when we speak.