This module provides a brief overview of the functions of all sections within CenTrax NEXT.

This module explains information to be set up before working within other sections of CenTrax NEXT.

  • Setup
    • Institutions/Information
    • CenTrax NEXT Settings
    • File Manager
  • Administrator
    • Admin Permissions (Users and Roles)
    • Reports & Managing Dashboard Elements

This module provides analysis tools such as Institution Groups, Tract Groups/AA’s, and Field Group Manager.

  • Institution Groups
  • Tract Groups/AAs
  • Field Group Manager

This module explains various methods for which data may be brought into CenTrax NEXT.

  • Administration/User Defined Fields
  • Data Processing/DataPro
  • Data Processing/Data Conversion
    Data Entry
  • BISG

This module provides an explanation of two methods which may be used to update data.

  • Purpose/Functionality of Manual Geocode
  • Purpose/Functionality of Update Derived Fields


This module explores the tools used for Data Analysis purposes.

  • Explanation of Field Groups & Field Group Manager
  • Explanation of Output Options (Mapping, Etc.)

This module reviews the purpose and functionality of major tools used in filtering.

  • Using the filtering tools
  • Navigation through filter workspace
  • Using Fast Filters/Three Step Filters

This module provides an explanation of how to create maps and map examples.

  • Preliminary steps needed to create maps
  • How to create maps
  • Examples of two types of maps


This module provides an overview of the exam tables focusing on the following areas:

  • Navigation
  • Purpose
  • Uses

This module provides an overview of the dashboard focusing on the following areas:

  • How to add, manage, and customize Dashboards
  • How to select Dashboard Reports

This module serves as a resource for reporting functions, as well as HMDA, CRA and Fair Lending Report explanations, applications, and examples.

  • Understanding how roles and permissions affect reports
  • How to run, select, filter, edit, save and customize reports
  • An overview of HMDA, Fair Lending, and CRA reports

This module provides an overview of the HDMA & CRA Submission filing process focusing on the following areas:

  • Setup
  • Submission Procedures
  • Utilizing the Filing Wizard
  • Common HMDA and CRA Exceptions

This module explains how to use SamplePro to automate the pulling of sample files for auditing purposes. Also included is how to use ExportPro, which is used to automate the pulling of files for auditing or research purposes.