CenTrax NEXT is a comprehensive suite of CRA, HMDA and Fair Lending tools. Immediate access to all lending performance through easy-to-read reports, maps and graphs, CenTrax NEXT contains everything needed to satisfy examiners, senior management and Board. There are several learning resources available within the Client Portal to assist you:

Report Guide: Provides an overview of more than 100 reports that are designed to deliver dynamic statistics and lending analysis in an easy to read format.

Exam Tables Report Guide: Provides a detailed look at the Exam Tables to better understand the data contained within each report and guide you on selecting the best reports for performance analytics designed to ensure you are Exam ready.

Help Videos: Provide a visual learning approach allowing you to better understand the build and management of tools available within CenTrax NEXT.

Step-by-Step Procedures: Designed for those who may prefer a written outline of the steps needed for a process.

FAQs: Provide quick answers and solutions to the most commonly asked questions when using CenTrax NEXT.