Is it possible to DOUBLE your loan portfolio WITHOUT adding a new customer?

It is if you assemble, analyze, and act.

The Loan Opportunity Report from MARQUIS is the perfect compliment to your strategic planning. This tool will help you quantify the volume of potential loan dollars your EXISTING customers have at OTHER financial institutions. Armed with this data, you can determine a plan of precise action on how to identify opportunities, make appropriate offers, and GROW.


What We Do

Don’t take our word for it.

In a recent study of 22 clients who completed their Loan Opportunity Report, the average financial institution was found it could increase its loan portfolio by 11 times by focusing on EXISTING customers with loans elsewhere. In fact, just by targeting 30% of the top borrowers and executing a direct marketing program with a 2% response rate, bank profitability would increase by 36%!


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Click below to see the findings of a case study where we analyzed 500,000 customers and 900,000 loan relationships across 22 banks and credit unions to learn what the power focus has on increasing your bottom line.

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