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MARQUIS has made MCIF easy, complete, and affordable.

If you always wanted the power and information available in database analytics and MCIF software – now you can!
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What is the service bureau?

If you are looking to get client intelligence for use in your strategic planning, marketing, and sales efforts, then the MARQUIS Service Bureau is for you. This affordable analytics solution delivers actionable information about your clients right to your desktop.
Who are your profit drivers? Which products are the most profitable? It’s answers to these questions (plus many more) that our MCIF Service Bureau can provide. It is time to leverage your client information. Get the essential reports that outline client profitability, your product breakeven balances, product distribution and penetration and more. All included. All done for you.

Now more than ever, banking is about relationships. Our MCIF Service Bureau delivers rich, actionable data that provides you with a clear path to more meaningful relationships. For much less than you think, this service can pay for itself with just a handful of additional relationship building opportunities gained from data only an MCIF can provide.

Get the strategic information you need to manage marketing!

Every month, MARQUIS will deliver these benefits to your desktop.

Comprehensive management reports.
Actionable call and mail lists.
All inclusive. No hidden charges.

Here’s what you get EVERY month with the MARQUIS MCIF Service Bureau.

Call & mail lists

Each month you’ll receive direct mail, email, and call lists selected by our experts and designed to drive results.

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Household list

This report is helpful when a list of customers by their profit contribution is needed to determine retention strategies.

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Maturity distribution

This report allows you to view all maturing accounts and balances. This is a great tool for outbound calling and relationship building.

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Trending analysis

This report is designed to provide a rolling 12-month look at common metrics to measure success at your financial institution.

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Household analysis

This report segregates households into profit groups, allowing you to focus on important dates and marketing opportunities.

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Household summary

This is an essential report in evaluating your product portfolio and the penetration of households with the products.

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Household tracking

This report provides in-depth information concerning number/ balance of accounts and relationship building changes by branch or manager.

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Next product potential

This report is an easy way of looking at the next product potentials of your households. This is great tool for your front line.

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Breakeven summary

This report enables you to group by account type or product categories to determine break-even balance requirements for your products.

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Product combinations

This report will assist in analyzing what product combinations at the household level are most profitable for your institution.

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Household profile

This report gives you a bird’s-eye view of your top 1%, top 5%, top 10%, top 20%, and bottom 10% account tiers.

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Branch performance

This report is useful in determining relationship building opportunities for households with specific products across your branch network.

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