MCIF Data Analytics

Is your financial institution looking for MCIF software to enhance marketing productivity? Our MCIF software applications are designed exclusively for banks and credit unions, and are easy to implement and powerful enough to manage the most sophisticated challenges.

Key facts.

While many of our clients are some of the largest financial institutions in the nation, our solutions are easy to use and completely scalable for a community sized institution. A typical power user of our MCIF data analytics software understands that success is not about information alone – but about getting real, measurable results through action, based upon this knowledge.
MCIF is not a sideline business for us; it’s our passion. All installations are supported by a team of experts, many of whom have worked in executive roles at financial institutions just like yours, and it’s always free.
Updated monthly or daily and flexible enough to work with your core processor. Both client managed and hosted solutions are available to meet marketing’s needs as well as the demands of today’s highly secured operating environments.

Is your financial institution looking for an MCIF that finally delivers on automating data updates, reporting and direct marketing, daily?! ExecuTrax delivers! This is the most sophisticated data analytics tool ever developed for banks and credit unions, and it is customized for you, easy to implement and powerful enough to manage the most sophisticated of challenges. Empower your team with daily MCIF analytics!

Get the MCIF for the power user and CRM all in one, with ExecuTrax.

  • Your data is updated daily so you can act quicker.
  • Comes with our exclusive daily marketing engine TriggerPro.

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