Project Description


To grow loans by leveraging credit data, daily – to personalize loan offers for specific products that clients and prospects were actively seeking.


This $150 million financial institution needed a competitive edge to grow their loan portfolio. In a very competitive consumer loan market, they desired the ability to quickly identify the immediate loan opportunities of current clients and qualified prospects. Capturing information from the credit bureaus would enable them to match the right product to the customer – one who is already in the market for a particular type of loan.


Working with a MARQUIS consultant, they developed a credit trigger program to identify people in their market area who were actively seeking consumer loan products from other institutions. This project was specifically targeted at people seeking automobile loans, personal loans, and credit cards. By leveraging the relationship MARQUIS has with credit bureaus, these individuals were quickly identified; each prospect was sent a customized offer letter – arriving the very next day – for a competitive loan product to meet their needs.


The campaign ran for five months, and generated a 226% Return on Investment. By using available credit bureau data to identify specific and extremely current client needs, coupled with a “next day” turnaround of personalized offer letters, the financial institution produced extremely positive results which helped them to meet relationship building and client acquisition objectives.