Project Description



To integrate a data-driven approach with tailored marketing to boost profitability.


This $5 billion financial institution wanted to adjust their marketing focus to be more profit driven. To this end, they wanted to integrate effective use of market data with carefully targeted campaigns to maximize Return on Investment.


The institution worked with their MARQUIS OnTrax consultant to develop a broad Onboarding program and a focused monthly trigger campaign. Effective Onboarding cements a new relationship by introducing new clients to additional products and services, increasing relationship building opportunities, and reducing attrition. Monthly trigger-based marketing helped the institution see how client behavior during the previous month could indicate which products to promote in relationship strengthening efforts.


The value of MARQUIS consulting services was never more apparent.

Since 2011, the Onboarding program has mailed more than 260,000 pieces at a cost of $568,398. This effort generated 17,365 new accounts, valued at over $219,664,000an ROI of 382%. This institution’s Onboarding program returned $3.82 in profit for every $1 spent! The impact on attrition is just as impressive. With industry averages for attrition above 9%, this financial institution’s attrition rate hasn’t topped 4.5%!

Over the same 3-year period, the monthly trigger program produced 19,790 new accounts, with more than $330,782,000 in new balances. Targeted use of monthly triggers provided an ROI of 1,015%, returning $101 in profit for every $1 invested in the program!

In all, MARQUIS consulting services brought this financial institution more than $550 million in new balances over a 3-year period. Profits exceeded $4 million. Leveraging the expertise and capabilities of a leader in the use of financial MCIF data provided the boost needed to take the institution’s profitability to the next level.