Project Description


We’ve made MCIF easy, complete, and affordable. If you have always wanted the power and information available in database analytics and MCIF software – now you can.

  • What is the service bureau? If you are looking to get client intelligence for use in your strategic planning, marketing, and sales efforts, then the MARQUIS Service Bureau is for you. This affordable analytics solution delivers actionable information about your clients right to your desktop.
  • Information you need to know. Who are your profit drivers?  Which products are the most profitable? It’s answers to these questions (plus many more) that our MCIF Service Bureau can provide. It is time to leverage your client information. Get the essential reports that outline client profitability, your product breakeven balances, product distribution and penetration and more. All included. All done for you.
  • Connect with your market. Now more than ever, banking is about relationships. Our MCIF Service Bureau delivers rich, actionable data that provides you with a clear path to more meaningful relationships. For much less than you think, this service can pay for itself with just a handful of additional relationship building opportunities gained from data only an MCIF can provide.