Project Description

The Value of Communicating with New Clients.


To increase profitability and reduce attrition by strategically targeting new clients.


The institution recognized the value of communicating with new clients over the course of several months. These clients are typically receptive to relationship depening messages, and ongoing communication can go a long way towards establishing a solid, long-term relationship.


The institution worked with their MARQUIS OnTrax consultant to develop a comprehensive Onboarding program. A weekly welcome letter provides a quick initial contact, followed by monthly letters and emails that target new clients based on product usage and propensities. The Onboarding program spans a wide range of products, including:
• Auto Loans
• Checking Accounts
• Credit Cards
• Mortgage Loans
• Home Equity Loans
• Money Market Accounts
• Investment Services


With a data-driven approach and solid results, the institution has a proven strategy for Onboarding success. Since 2014, the Onboarding program alone has generated more than $10 million in new deposits and nearly $60 million in new loans.  MARQUIS’ Onboarding helped this client generate $7.82 in profit for every $1 spent!

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