Project Description



A $401m financial institution recognized the value of shifting from mass marketing to highly targeted, measurable direct marketing, leaning on the expertise of MARQUIS for a step-by-step realignment of budget and priorities.


The institution needed to leverage member intelligence to drive marketing strategies, track the return on marketing expenditures and transform the perception of the marketing department from a cost center to a revenue generator.


A detailed calendar was developed from the marketing analysis recommendations, and the following ongoing programs were implemented:
• Preapproved Auto Loan Recapture program (bi-annual) using credit data to calculate monthly savings amount
• Holiday Skip-A-Pay
• Onboarding (monthly) with a 6- to 10-flight program versioned by age segments
• Thank you letter building relationships with the next most likely product to existing households, versioned by age
• Maturing Auto Loan Run-Off
• P$YCLE Relationship Building Matrix (every other month) with products promoted and creative determined by P$YCLE lifestage groups
• Loan Recapture targeting existing BillPay users paying on a loan to another financial institution
The strategies and results were reported in quarterly meetings to all levels of management.


In a 9-month timeframe, the institution achieved an aggregate 1,230% return on marketing investment for all programs implemented with a net profit of $1,420,509. The targeted households increased their relationship strengthening ratio by 26%, attrition dropped by 8.9%, and 23% of the loans booked were attributed to responses from the direct marketing strategies. The marketing budget for the following year was increased with encouragement from senior management.