Project Description



With any proper marketing plan, there are two primary objectives. One, increase engagement; and two, increase conversions. Both of these objectives combine to demonstrate to the client the value of the existing financial relationship and to continuously communicate offers that provide true value to the individual household.

This approach is best executed continuously over a long period of time. Embracing the marketing truism that there are no one-hit wonders, this institution set out on a 3-year mission to increase return on marketing investment while, at the same time, reducing the overall marketing budget by properly targeting the right consumer with the right offer.


This $1.8 billion Indiana-based community bank understands the power of using advanced data analysis to focus direct marketing efforts and track and prove results. These efforts translate into a series of marketing communication events leveraging data to create personal, relevant, and specific offers across a wide range of products and services. Together, we believe that when all three of these elements combine, the results are impressive and profitable. What’s even more important is that the consistent execution of these tactics year after year has lead to positive results and a reduction of marketing expenses.

Since 2011 this client has worked with MARQUIS to execute a number of these types of campaigns. Most important, through the partnership with our OnTrax consulting team and Creative Services group, all events were tracked in terms of costs, reach, dollars generated, and number of new accounts opened.

The true benefit to the client was not only in the results that impressively increased year-over-year profit, but also in their ability to free up internal resources by outsourcing much of the mechanical database marketing functions and creative production.


The MARQUIS consulting and creative teams produced a number of events that included the following:

  • Onboarding to welcome new clients and introduce them to the full range of products and services offered
  • Reboarding to reconnect with existing, low involvement clients and encourage them to open new accounts
  • Daily Credit Triggers to alert the institution to current borrowers who might be interested in other financial products, or those who might be seeking financial alternatives elsewhere
  • Prospecting for new clients among those already seeking specific financial products
  • Various relationship strengthening promotions targeting specific combinations of recent purchases that would predict the next most likely purchase to occur within the household
  • Compliance required LMI mailings to offer mortgages to under-served geographic locations
  • Convenience services campaigns designed to increase penetration for online and mobile transaction products leading to a reduction in company overhead

Marketing Mix:

The marketing channels currently in use consist of direct mail and email separately, as well as combinations of both channels depending upon the offer, client profile, projected profitability, and a breakeven analysis.


Growth in balances and profitability over a period of 3+ years can be directly tied to effective use of a data-driven marketing approach. From 2011 to 2013, the client realized the following results.

  • 23% reduction in marketing expense
  • 36% reduction in the number of clients contacted as a result of improved targeting capabilities and analysis
  • 71% increase in the number of new accounts opened which were directly attributed to the marketing efforts
  • 214% return on marketing investment over the 3-year period. This means that for every $1 invested $2.14 in profit was generated as a result of the targeted marketing efforts