Project Description

CRM Ain’t Nuthin’ without MCIF. (Click here to download). 

Have you ever been to an Easter egg hunt? If you have, you may have seen those brightly
colored plastic eggs. Typically, parents place candy or coins in these eggs for the children to
find. Sometimes children stumble upon an egg, only to find nothing inside. This is an interesting
metaphor for CRM technology. The goods inside the egg represent client information and
accuracy. Effective CRM tools deliver both. In fact, accurate client information is essential to do
CRM right. Eggs without the goodies in the middle represent the typical CRM technology; pretty
on the outside, but no depth or details once opened up or installed.

The first benefit of CRM is in the knowing…having knowledge about your clients, the products
they own, their value to your institution, and so on. Without an MCIF to bring all of your disparate
account data together and turn it into knowledge (through the processes of householding and
profitability), a CRM system is nothing more than a static (though fancy) list from which your
officers can call.

One of the lessons learned from implementing CRM technology over the past 10 years has to
do with how well the front-line staff is equipped with knowledge…facts they can use and trust
to add value to a relationship. Your success with CRM software demands that you equip your
team with the information they need. Only then will they be able to deliver the enhanced sales
performance and improved service you desire. Without it, forget it.


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