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CRM for Everyone. (Click here to download)

CRM for Everyone – A white paper.

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CRM: Lead Generation & Referral Tracking for every Financial Institution

The goal of every sales organization is to drive more revenue. In addition to calling
activity, your sales team relies heavily on marketing to generate a meaningful brand,
and target lead generating marketing campaigns and events. Yet, financial institutions
spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing every year…with most of it going
unmeasured. That’s why we believe in CRM for Everyone.

Is there anyone out there who believes that these dollars should be tracked? To
maximize sales opportunities, marketing in today’s financial environment requires that
each dollar be accounted for and measured against a tangible result. But who is doing
this? How can it be done? You can no longer accept that marketing is a cost center.
Today, marketing is an investment which must drive sales.

There are a number of philosophies to measure your marketing and sales effectiveness.
Yet there is only one which will reach all areas of the revenue engine in a way the
majority of philosophies miss: Lead Generation & Referral Tracking. Why is tracking
leads and automating referrals the right solution? Because only this subset of CRM can
affordably supply and verify the success of each marketing element you employ; radio,
TV, newspaper, direct mail, PR and so on, and the sales that result. This kind of tracking
can prove the money you invest in marketing is worthwhile…and frankly, will improve the
return on all the dollars you spend, upwards of 5 times. The sales team desires more and
better leads.


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