Project Description

Geocode – the Truth (Click here to download)

What is Geocode?

Have you ever used a GPS to help you find an address you were unfamiliar with? I do
this frequently when I travel and most of the time I end up right where I should be.
Other times though the GPS isn’t accurate, it is close enough for me to find my ultimate
destination. Every once in a while, the GPS takes me somewhere else completely. Once
while visiting San Antonio, I set my destination to a restaurant only to end up at an
abandoned building in an alley.

It is the same with geocode. Most of the time, geocode providers get it right. Sometimes,
like GPS, they are close and other times they are way off. As of December 2012 our address
database contains 10,528,213 ranges (a range contains more than one address, the first one
in the database is 2000-2078 Cherokee). These address ranges must be placed in the 73,918
tracts as of the 2010 census. No one is going to do that right 100% of the time.

I don’t want to scare you into thinking that your geocode – regardless of where it came
from – is wildly wrong. It isn’t. Whether you use us, data provided by another vendor
(such as the one that provides your Flood Certifications), or the FFIEC – without looking
at it I would be confident in saying that most of your geocode is accurate.

But just like with GPS, some of them won’t be. This is why the CenTrax software
provides the Validate options in Browse and Manual Geocode.


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