Project Description

Marketing Officer Roadmap (Click here to download)

As you achieve more, you want more: more money, more recognition, and more
responsibility. Yet maybe the one thing a marketing professional wants most of all is the
respect of the Executive team within their organization. And by respect I mean to say,
membership among that Senior Staff.

Are you included in the Senior Staff? Do you seek for this door to be open to you
someday, if it isn’t? If so, what are you doing to help yourself get there? The following
thoughts are an outline of what you can do to help yourself and that which you must
ask for. Please keep in mind that the culture of every institutio n can be very different.
Balance these recommendations against the politics you experience at the local level.

Historically speaking, the Marketing staff (often a staff of one) is rarely included among
the Senior Staff. In fact, most financial institutions still operate this way, today. Why
has it been this way? Inertia, mostly…and maybe a hangover from the old regulatory
environment which didn’t permit pricing competition (as the Fed set the rates). Banks,
Thrifts, and Credit Unions over the years have regarded marketing as a “cost” of
doing business — not an investment in your brand, strategic & tactical support for your
institution’s primary business goals, or a means to drive revenue & profit growth.


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