Project Description

MCIF Service Bureau (Click here to download)

MCIF Service Bureau:
Get Success with MCIF Without the Hassle

Most of us would pay someone to work out for us if we could. Why endure the pain
of doing the work, or even committing the time necessary, when we could simply ask
someone else who knows how…to do it for us?

For many marketers, learning to use an MCIF or even carving out the time required
to manage one is either unsavory, impossible, or both. But why do it yourself? Why
put yourself through the hassle when you can ask an expert to “work out for you”?
Imagine all of the benefits of MCIF without the pain: real marketing intelligence,
onboarding, and targeted direct mail lists right at your fingertips – without having
to spend your time to pull it all together.

With an ever skinnier marketing budget and fewer hours to get it all done, you may
elect to reach out to an expert to help you gain measurable ROI from marketing. Many
overworked marketers at banks, thrifts and credit unions have turned to an MCIF
Service Bureau to get the benefits that only come through an MCIF. In this way, an
MCIF Service Bureau is exactly like having someone else work out for you. You get
the “abs of steel” and all of the gain, without the pain.


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