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MCIF Success Stories (Click here to download)

MCIF Success Stories: Proof of measurable results!

Making an MCIF sing is just like whistling…just put your lips together and blow.
In other words, success with database marketing comes simply from using it and doing
the work. There are no secret handshakes to enter the world of the MCIF power user,
just time spent creating queries and analyzing reports. If you have an MCIF, but
haven’t done much with it, or are thinking hard about begging for one in next year’s
budget plan, the following is a frank look at how to get the value you desire, and
proof that benefits derived from MCIF are very real.

Can you have s uccess with MCIF ? Of course. Do you have a clear idea of what you
want to gain from having one? That is the central question. The fine line between
success and failure with MCIF comes from a very small but important word; focus.

Many desire the MCIF to help them manage direct marketing campaigns . Others would
add Matrix Mail & On-Boarding to the list. Still others seek the valuable
strategic intelligence only available through an MCIF after it performs householding
and profitability . Is mapping your current clients and your best clients in
relationship to your branches a priority for you? You may need to re-price accounts
and products within your offering to maximize non-interest income . All are MCIF-worthy
functions that help you focus on and then accomplish specific objectives.


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