Data-driven marketing, CRM, and compliance for banks and credit unions

Our technology brings together all of your data, giving you powerful insight into every financial journey —so you can drive more effective engagement that deepens relationship value.

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But how? Here is how our end-to-end solution works.

Centralize all customer or member data in one place.

Spending too much time tracking down disconnected data? We’ve got a better way to do it. Get a holistic view of all customer or member information to better understand their needs and provide an enhanced experience. 

Marketing Data Platform | CRM

No more waiting for others to put together data from different platforms. 

Identify churn drivers and other untapped opportunities.

Discover your most valuable consumers who are driving revenue.

Increase efficiency and reduce churn

Identify marketing opportunities critical to driving revenue.

What good is all that data if you can’t make sense of it? We’ll help you connect the dots to tell a story that sells. Obtain meaningful insights from your data that reveal profitable marketing opportunities.

Data Detection | Demographics | Conversational Analytics | Strategic Consulting

Focus marketing efforts on action-ready segments that have propensity.

Proactively target audiences with relevant products based on qualifying criteria.

Strategically tailor product and service offerings to each hyperlocal market.

Increase cross-selling and new customer acquisition

Automate personalized, timely, multi-channel campaigns.

Marketing getting lost in the mix? Let’s fix that. Craft more strategic campaigns and increase response rates with timely, tailored, behavior-based communications that are relevant to each individual's unique journey. 

Digital Communication | Direct Mail | Journey Orchestration

Automate and optimize onboarding, cross-selling, prospecting, good manner campaigns and more. 

Create multi-channel campaigns with direct mail, emails, SMSs, surveys and more for surround-sound marketing.

Establish efficiencies that give small teams more potential and gets you back some bandwidth. 

Enhance onboarding and each individual experience

Measure marketing campaign performance.

Don’t waste budget or time on tactics that aren’t working. Let’s make you look good. Track marketing results and ROI so you can easily view and share key performance metrics with key stakeholders. 

Marketing Data Platform | Digital Communication | CRM

Prove the value of marketing to the bottom line so you can get more budget. 

Make informed marketing decisions that help you drive better results.

Less time creating reports, more time creating strategic campaigns.

Track ROI and maximize your time

Marquis customers get $11 ROI for every $1 they invest.

10% Direct Response

rate earned by our specific, relevant, and timely approach to market communications.

$3,500 Balance Increase

earned on average by each of our clients, per household, per campaign.

Be compliance exam-ready and mitigate risk.

No one likes exams. Introducing stress-free compliance. Be on standby with all of your lending performance data in one place and easy-to-read visual reports so you can proactively manage and mitigate risk. 

Compliance Data Platform

Accelerate regulatory workflows for timely completion of compliance exams.

Maintain peace of mind with the ability to easily identify and resolve potential problems.

Gain confidence with organized data that eliminates the risk of errors and low scores.

Ace exams with accurate submissions

Deliver meaningful digital experiences.

Meet consumers where they are – online. Say hello to the experts in bank and credit union website design, digital strategy, custom development, ADA conformance, hosting and more. 

Responsive Design | Content & Marketing | ADA Conformance | Smart Technology 

Develop custom website features that engage audiences and encourage action.

Generate brand awareness and creatively position financial products. 

Implement time-saving technology that creates workflow efficiencies.

Drive measurable results in the digital space

Why Marquis

Empowering you with solutions that drive strategic marketing and success.

Purpose-built for banks and credit unions.

You have unique need and challenges other marketing solutions didn't account for—we did.  

Powered by industry experts.

We’ve served in similar roles and get the market constraints and competition—so we can help you win. 

Part of your extended team.

Our experts are a true extension of your internal resources, supporting your goals—and making you look good. 

What our clients say


Marquis helped make our data actionable and put it in a usable form. Not only for reporting but to trigger actions, to create strategies, and to make solutions.

US Eagle FCU

We use [Marquis’ software] every single day. We have a lot of programs tied to it including, trigger campaigns, drip campaigns, cross-sell service opportunities, onboarding, and reboarding campaigns.

Erie Federal Credit Union

Our campaigns needed a refresh and the Marquis Creative Team really delivered. We love the copy and graphics.

Needham Bank

Data is a critical piece of every campaign we do. Having Marquis as a partner is like having additional marketing staff. Their expertise in gathering the right data and their support in executing the plan is tremendously valuable.

First Community Credit Union

Our partnership with Marquis is allowing us to change our lens and become better at relationship personalization and our member journey map. Marquis helps measure the impact of our mission and vision of serving our communities.

TwinStar Credit Union

Ready to join 700+ financial institutions who are earning a 11x ROI with Marquis?

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