Fair Lending

Marquis software provides access to all lending performance data and identifies potential risks in processes, policies and practices.


The accuracy of your LAR is not to be taken for granted. Marquis software is complete with features allowing confidence in LAR submissions and exam ready data.


Marquis software provides you with immediate access to tell your CRA story through easy-to-read reports and maps enabling you to easily manage CRA lending in-house.

Compliance Software

CenTrax NEXT, a new generation of compliance software, comes complete with features to help ensure the foundation of submissions and exams are accurate. From customizable dashboards and top-notch reporting tools to advanced mapping technology, security management, and demographics analysis, CenTrax NEXT is a comprehensive suite of CRA, HMDA and Fair Lending tools.

CDTrax automates the collection and reporting process for all community development activity, including services, investments, community development loans and donations.


FastTrax is an online geo-coding system providing immediate census tract and demographic information associated with the borrower’s address, allowing lenders to satisfy extremely important aspects of CRA. It also captures the census tract number up front and identifies important demographic characteristics about applicants.

HMDATrax is a comprehensive HMDA data collection tool. Over 200 financial institutions use Marquis software daily to comply with challenges facing today’s compliance teams. All that is required to satisfy HMDA LAR needs – to accurately geocode, edit check/scrub and create a data submission – is included in HMDATrax.

Compliance Services

CTrax is a service comprised of experienced and certified Marquis Compliance professionals. Marquis professionals perform all or part of clients’ CRA & HMDA work. From managing the data, geocoding, exception management, HMDA LAR and CRA LR file preparation, as well as lending performance preparation, clients count on Marquis to get the information needed.

Compliance Professional Services

Marquis compliance experts offer an array of services from HMDA/CRA file review, delivering risk assessments, Compliance Management System reviews, to self assessments of regulatory “Alphabet Soup.”