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What makes our approach special is our team. With over a century of combined experience, our team knows compliance. We work with over 300 financial institutions nationwide, many of which are in the top 50 in the United States. Let’s have a conversation about how MARQUIS can make the complex regulatory world easy for you and your staff.

Comprehensive CRA, HMDA, and Fair Lending Software

Are you looking for an effortless way to comply with the challenges you face in the current compliance environment? CenTrax is comprehensive CRA, HMDA, and Fair Lending software from MARQUIS that your peers have proclaimed “incredibly easy and complete with every feature you need.” Everything you need to satisfy your examiners, senior management and your Board is “in the box.”

Everything is included with CenTrax. All that you need to accurately geo-code and create a HMDA LAR and CRA LR, HMDA & CRA peer analysis, mapping, CRA Exam reporting and analysis, along with everything necessary to manage and understand your Fair Lending Performance. CenTrax has it all.

CenTrax is not only great software, it’s one part of our solution that is backed by a team of support, training and consulting professionals whose only goal is to help you succeed.

Outsourcing for HMDA, LAR, and CRA Exams.

As your compliance burden grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to find time to perform the reporting, mapping, and analysis to comply with CRA and HMDA. This is why we offer C-Trax. While we can manage any element within CRA and HMDA for you à la carte, C-Trax is a unique bundle of services and consulting that make CRA & HMDA both easy and affordable for you.

Let MARQUIS file your submissions, perform your CRA lending analysis, and have one of our compliance experts talk you through the CRA analysis we provide to you. C-Trax uniquely combines the best compliance services and consulting in one package.  C-Trax is perfect for the compliance officer who needs accurate reporting – without having to learn software or take the time to perform the analysis.

FastTrax is an online geo-coding system that provides immediate census tract and demographic information associated with your borrowers’ addresses.

FastTrax enables you to satisfy two important aspects of CRA:

  1. Know up front if the address/borrower information that you have been given by an applicant can be geo-coded.
  2. Immediately identify applicants who may qualify for special products or services designed for low or moderate income prospects.

FastTrax will help you with data integrity and geo-coding accuracy, allowing you to maximize lending opportunities in your markets. FastTrax is not just great software… it is also a team of support, training and consulting people whose only goal is to help you succeed.

Track your community development activity.

You could spend hours collecting and reporting your community development activities. You could even drop everything at CRA exam time to spend your time manually entering and analyzing this data. Or you could automate the entire process with c/dTrax. Looking for an easier way? Let us help.

Comprehensive CRA, HMDA, and Fair Lending consulting.

How should your financial institution evaluate its lending processes? Who should perform the evaluation? What analysis must be done, and by whom? Getting the answers is easy, if you know which questions to ask. The MARQUIS professional staff can guide you through these sometimes treacherous waters to get your CRA and Fair Lending programs on the right track. Let us help you analyze HMDA data against that of your peers, or conduct a full scale review. Our consulting staff can perform a full-blown CRA performance evaluation (PE) for you. Or, do you need help determining if your Assessment Area is right for you? How about a File Review?

Many financial institutions believe that Fair Lending monitoring is optional. Sorry, but it isn’t – for any bank of any size. Unfortunately, Fair Lending also seems to be the one area that compliance officers struggle with more than any other. Get the Fair Lending process and/or performance review you need to know your risk.


 “We have migrated from services to software with MARQUIS.  They have proven to be an exceptional partner throughout.” 
Angela Harper, EVP, Chief Risk Officer, Veritex Community Bank

“MARQUIS is a full-service Compliance vendor – we are in the process of implementation and they have gone above and beyond to help us get our data extracts accurate. Their customer service has been extremely responsive which is incredibly refreshing and valuable.”
Lorraine Ivers, SVP, Sr. Compliance Officer, Bangor Savings Bank

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