Transform website traffic into action

React and respond to known website visitors as they navigate your website

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When they come to visit, let them know you’re there for them

Identify and monitor website visitors.

Deploy trigger branded, real-time communications.

Send messages based on pages viewed.

Drive deeper relationships through timely, relevant communications

Click Tracking (FKA WebTrax) works in tandem with Digital Communications to give one of your greatest assets—your website—a powerful tool to strengthen and deepen relationships through timely, relevant, behavior-based communications. 

1.    A unique identifying code is added to the master webpage template.

2.    Your team determines the pages to act upon.

3.    Your team decides how many visits to that page occur before acting.

4.    Visitor data is gathered and analyzed.

5.    Email or direct mail is automatically triggered and sent according to your parameters.

Drive deeper relationships with triggered communications based on website activity

Always-on communications

Even when your offices are closed, your website is up and you’re still communicating.

Effective communications

Behavior rules, subscription preferences, bounce-backs, and max sends help target communications.

Analytic capabilities

A robust tracking dashboard allows you to view productivity generated by your website.

Clients go further with Marquis


I really enjoy how easy it is to use all the Email Product Suite features together ... The whole system just works together very seamlessly, and it makes my job so much easier.

First Alliance Credit Union

[Our] Professional Services person is dedicated to us. Feels like a partnership; something we were missing with our previous vendor.

First Community Credit Union

We are going through the reboarding letters and have to give a shout out to the creative team. Our direct mail/email campaigns needed a refresh and the Marquis creative team really delivered. We love the copy and the graphics. There are some very minor edits to be made that relate to the product parameters, but overall, they nailed it!

Needham Bank