To book new loans with highly-qualified customers.


This $500 million institution offered competitive rates on credit cards, auto loans, consumer loans and home equity lines of credit. The institution wanted to target their most credit-worthy customers with compelling, prequalified offers.


A Marquis analyst developed a multi-channel loan savings campaign using credit bureau data. The loan type providing the highest savings was highlighted, with a specific rate and savings amount. Other loan types were mentioned as well, with sample rates and payments included.

The execution of the campaign integrated these Marquis solutions:

  • OnTrax – An MCIF expert provided data analytics to ensure proper targeting and outstanding results.
  • CallTrax – Follow-up phone calls were coordinated through the Marquis CRM system for seamless integration with front-line staff.
  • Creative – The message, strategy and format all came together thanks to the Marquis creative team. Every step was handled in-house, from concept through production.



With a response rate of 4.28%, the institution gained $214 in loan balances for every $1 spent on this campaign.