Easy to implement, powerful enough for the demanding user.

Is your financial institution looking for CRM software to enhance sales, service and productivity? Our software applications are designed exclusively for banks and credit unions, and each is easy to implement and powerful enough to manage the most sophisticated challenges. Empower your team with sales force CRM and your revenue will soar.

Over 100 financial institutions enjoy the features and benefits of our CRM system shown below.

Key facts.

Our clients represent some of the largest financial institutions in the nation. A typical power user of CRM technology understands success is not about the software, but the mind-set of the organization.
CRM is not a sideline business for us; it’s our passion. All CRM installations are supported by a team of experts, many of whom have worked in executive roles at financial institutions just like yours.

Marketing Software & Services

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is best implemented with specific objectives and outcomes in mind. How do we know? With hundreds of bank and credit union clients, we have found the keys to sales & service success. One thing CRM is not – is all things to all people. Technology is part of the solution, but it isn’t everything. Understanding how to have success with CRM is more important. If you seek measurable results from your CRM program, then count on MARQUIS.

CallTrax was designed exclusively to help financial institutions manage and monitor their formal Sales & Service CRM initiatives. If you are looking for comprehensive CRM technology with the benefits of sales force automation, then CallTrax is the right tool for you. CallTrax comes with the power of a daily updated CRM, so your staff can count on current, accurate client data.

  • Track leads, close more business, and increase revenue.
  • Designed to work with most core processing systems.
How many referrals are you losing? Stop the insanity of passing around 3-part referral forms and let us help you automate your referral process. Maximize your sales leads, internal communication & teamwork, and production – and know the status of every referral at any time. ReferralTrax is the only referral tracking solution that comes standard with an MCIF!

Get the MCIF for the power user and CRM all in one, with ExecuTrax.

The number of financial institutions embracing a Sales/Service culture is nothing short of astounding. Why? Because the competition from every sector of financial services is getting hotter, and the stakes are higher. The Professional Sales Consulting offered by MARQUIS cuts through the clutter. We can help you navigate around traditional trouble spots, and help you prove CRM to be a valuable and profitable initiative. Otherwise, why make the investment? We make it easy for you.

“While many MCIF and CRM solution providers have come and gone, MARQUIS has endured as the gold standard.  We look forward to maximizing the power of technology and creative minds as we evolve in this relationship together to help build ongoing franchise value.”

 Bill Kauper, President/Director of Corporate Development, BANK’34


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