DocuMatix Text Messaging

Talk to your members/customers wherever they are. Create and manage SMS text message communication with your members/customers to promote a marketing campaign, contest, or pretty much anything else you can think of.

Setup is fast and extremely simple

  • Decide on your dedicated “keyword”
  • Advertise your “keyword” (i.e., Text “keyword” to 12345 to enter our contest)
  • Create Text Messages and schedule delivery


  • Wizard-based creation of Text Messages.
  • Automatic management of opt-ins and opt-outs.
  • Send live samples of Text Messages.
  • Schedule Text Messages for a specific date/time.
  • Real-Time reporting engine.
  • Compliant with Mobile Marketing Code of Conduct.

Example of an Opt-In:

Step #1: Opt-In

Consumer types in your “keyword” and sends the Text to a five digit short code. When a consumer sends in their text message they will receive a welcome message back.

Step #2: Receive Welcome Message

The consumer will receive a welcome message. Now that they are on your opt-in list, you are all set. You can now send them messages until they elect to opt-out. Consumers can opt-out as easy as they opted-in. At the end of each message your subscribers will receive a reminder of how to opt-out.