Project Description



To grow institutional balances with a targeted mix of programs.


This $247 million credit union needed to grow its membership and increase balances from each current member relationship. To do this, they targeted specific member needs, and then shared the value of specific products and services available to address those needs.


In 2011, working with their MARQUIS consultant, they codeveloped a comprehensive action plan that included new programs aimed at specific customers and products, including:
• Onboarding and Reboarding letters
• Daily TriggerPro letters recognizing members’ anniversaries and birthdays, and letters to teens to grow the next generation of members
• Invitations to apply for Mortgages, Auto and Credit Card Loans
• Business Onboarding letters
• Credit Trigger letters

Year-by-Year Results:

Over the course of four years, the institution has achieved better and better results while spending less. A yearly summary of gains shows:
• 2011: the institution implemented five new programs. With a budget of only $34,000 and a limited time frame, they gained new balances of $750,000 and realized a profit of more than $15,000.
• 2012: the number of programs increased to 11, and response rates rose to 3.48%, with an ROI of 348% and more than $17,463,000 in new balances.
• 2013: the program count had grown to 12, with some DAILY programs to targeted groups, and total balances gained exceeded $33,000,000.
• As of August 2014: the credit union had implemented 15 programs, all running on a daily basis. The year-to-date results show more than $35,577,000 in balances gained and an ROI of 400%.

The best review of results over the past years comes from the client: “2013 was the first time we set our product goals and had MARQUIS execute the Marketing Plan utilizing them. We did 95% of what MARQUIS recommended and had these growth figures! In September, I asked for a promotion to increase member growth. MARQUIS came up with the “giving back to the community” free turkey dinners. Our membership growth through October 2013 was a steady 2%, but

[in] November and December [it] almost doubled at 3.58%.”